Since 1963, the Minnesota Pipes and Drums has been delighting audiences all around the upper Midwest with our traditional Celtic music. 


We are a passionate group of musicians whose great love of highland piping and drumming leads us to create and perform not only for ourselves, but our community.

As a certified non-profit, our Employer ID Number (EIN) is 41-6176950. 

MN Pipes and Drums playing on a field


Paul Savereide, Pipe Major

Vicky Munro, Acting Drum Sergeant

A big thank you to all our members, performers, volunteers, and students who keep our band going!

MN Pipes and Drums bass drum
The Machlachlan tartan


Our official band tartan is the MacLachlan tartan. 

"Cabar Feidh" is the band's official motto, which means "stag's antlers" in Scots Gaelic.

Our motto, "Cabar Feidh" with a deer head